Know where you have put your money Feed backs

According to available research, we have noticed that people in Diaspora send their hard earned money to relatives, friends and families for projects but end up being misused. This brings a lot of family breakdown and trust.

Nana Corp Ltd fills in this gap by way of bringing down the desired project from its inception to completion. We work hand in hand with people leaving and working in Diaspora to put down projects that will benefit them at the time when they are back in their home countries.

The Advantage of engaging Nana Corp Ltd is that the client and the Company enters in to a mutual Memorandum of Understanding from which the parties agree to fulfill what it requires. This solves the problem of engaging a family member or friend who cannot be sued in case the funds have not being used on what it was intended for. But Nana Corp can be sued in case it fails to perform and another thing, Nana corp. Ltd will at all times fight hard to complete the project so that it can receive repeat customers and also protect its name and integrity.

So, Contact Nana Corp Ltd for smooth running of your Project.

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