Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I start a project?

    It depends on the Kind of Project you would want to start. Letís take an Example of a Construction Project. Come up with the ideas first, then send us a request for want you would want. We will not hesitate to contact you through our team leader on any inquiry and advice you would want. We will further provide you with technical expertise that will save you from spending more.

  2. What Technology does Nana Corp Ltd Use to Build Good Houses at a Low cost compared to others?

    We are the first to use the approach of using steel and wood in developing storied houses. We use a lot of calculations and expertise in fabricating steel and wood slabs that will always accommodate a smaller quantity of Concrete. This is further done without applying bigger quantities of iron bars and maxspans which are always expensive. At the End of it, Total construction cost is made 7 times cheaper than ordinary style of construction.

  3. Can I start a house without a Plan?

    Itís really amazing for someone to start up the construction of a house without a plan. A plan is like a skeleton of a human being. Once itís shapeless, the whole human body will also be shapeless. So itís very important to seek the services of a professional. Just walk in Nana Corpís offices, you will get surprised to obtain all sorts of models from which you can start up ideas on which house you would need. You then receive a workable plan to be submitted to local authorities for approval and thereafter the approval, you start right away.

  4. Am leaving and working in Diaspora and I have accumulated some money to start up the construction of a house. What can I do if am not comfortable with giving my relative money for Construction?

    At Nana Corp Limited, we have two options of fulfilling your dream: Option One. Enter in to an agreement to start your construction project between you and Nana Corp after agreeing on the costs of Construction (Bills of Quantities). The Agreement will clearly show the terms and conditions there in with all details of payment. You can send your appointed representative to sign on your behalf. The Appointment letter for your representative must be witnessed by a Notary Public in the Country where you are. Option Two: Open Up an Account with a Bank suggested by Nana Corp Limited. Deposit all the Monies Equivalent to the cost of Construction (Bills of Quantities) to the account. Give a Written Standing Order for disbursement of funds equivalent to any phase to be completed. Approval of the phase has to be made by an appointed Relative/Agent who will always sign on progress certificates. A request will always be forwarded to the bank for further works until the entire project is completed. After the completion, the project will then be handed over to the owner or through his agent and thatís it.

  5. Am leaving and working in Diaspora and some time while in Uganda I managed to purchase Land but have not received my Land Title and I donít know what is happening on my land. How can I know the progress of my title and the safety of my Land?

    Know where you have put your money Feed backs is a service provided by Nana Corp Ltd. Itís a system where a client requests for some information on a particular item. The Client Gives Nana Corp Full powers to act on his/her behalf to make sure that all that would have been done by the person in Diaspora is done by Nana Corp to his/her satisfaction. Therefore, for this case, Nana Corp will help the client to make a follow up of the Title and visit the Land and ascertain the safety of the Land. The Client will thereafter receive feed backs to that effect.

  6. I have Land but I donít know how big it is and the Boundaries.

    You have to use a qualified surveyor who is the only person with the capacity to know how big your land is. He/she will open up boundaries from which you will be availed with a boundary opening report to show the boundaries of the Land in Question. Feel free to Contact Nana Corp Ltd for the Service. You will further be guided on land Matters in case you have a land related issue.

  7. I recently received my pension but failed to ascertain an appropriate project that can take me through my Life. How can I be assisted?

    In any economy, there are forces of demand and supply which determine the market of any given product or service. In order to ascertain this, there are other preliminary studies and information required to come up with a justifiable reason for someone to come up with an investment idea. Itís at this level that you need to engage a qualified independent company from which you can get an investment idea for you to place your hard earned pension monies to yield good returns on Investment. Nana Corp Ltd gives an ultimatum solution to this. Note :( Nana Corp does not receive your cash but provides Feasibility Studies that can guide you .Itís at your liberty to either take it or leave).

  8. What are bills of Quantities?

    In Construction, Bills of Quantities are basically estimates put down in terms of cost for the development of a House. This acts as a budget for the construction of a house. So, before you start construction, you need one. Visit Nana Corp Offices for one at a reasonable fee.

  9. How do I access the services of Nana Corp Ltd?

    You can Access the Services by sending Requests on E-Mail at or Visit our Offices at Plot 2 Colville Street Shumuk House Next to Communications House. First Floor Suite 53 Kampala Uganda-East Africa OR Call Tel: +256-392-940-443

  10. Can I be a referee for Nana Corp Ltd?

    Yes, you can be but you need to go through vigorous criteria of selection and approval. There are terms and Conditions applicable for this among which you would have been our client at one point. Referees always receive surprise gifts to their beloved families depending on the number of referrals. Feel free to make numerous referrals and be able to receive a sudden gift to your beloved ones. Start referring now!

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